Coralba Giant is the most popular rally computer today. It contains the same basic functions as a Coralba Rally, but also a lot of more sophisticated aid for the advanced co-driver. Even though the possibilities with Coralba Giant are very comprehensive it is just as easy to use as a Coralba Rally.



There are three very precise tripmeters, which can be set to measure distance separately in different directions. For example, if one is used to measure intermediate distances, the next can show total stage length and the third could be used to count down to a tricky turn off. It is easy to halt, preset a value or correct a value even without stopping the car. The tripmeter automatically switch counting direction when the car is going in reverse.


There are two time registers, one for stop watch and one showing Time of Day or a stop watch. The resolution of the stop watch is 0.05 seconds. They can independently count forwards or backwards. They can be halted, preset or corrected just the same as the tripmeters above.


Estimated Time of Arrival shows when you will arrive with your current speed or average speed. It can also show which average speed you need to keep in order arriving at a certain time.


The Pilot function calculates continuously the time gained or time delayed in respect to the stored average speed. This is typically useful on long road sections or when service is required on the stage.


Actual speed can be shown as well as average and maximum speed. The speed threshold warns you if you exceed a certain speed.


Automatic SS measurement
This is a great relief for the co-driver at the start and finish of special stages. The rally computer starts automatically when the car moves and at the end of the stage the split function shows distance, time, average and maximum speed for the stage.


This function will give information about the amount of fuel left in the tank.


When the rally computer is not in use it will automatically switch itself into an idling mode where the display and the keyboard are totally dark. When a button is pressed or the car starts moving it is automatically turned on again.


The instruments can be set to independently measure different units for distance and speed. Examples of units:

Meters, Miles, Miles + yards
Kilometers per hour, Miles per hour


Power: 12 volt (24 volt optional)

Size: 193 x 45 x 52 mm

Weight: 370 grams

Shock: 100 G

Operating temperature: -25°C to +85°C

Additional Equipment: 
2 remote controls, Communication port, Speed alert unit, View (remote display unit)



This is the base version and very popular among amateur teams. It contains all primary functions needed to enhance the performance of the co-driver during a rally. It is very easy to install and use.


This is the mini version of Coralba Rally which fulfils the demands of the beginner. It is easy to install and use and the functions are a good balanced subset for the user with a low budget. It is built in the same way with the same reliability as the professional models.


This is a remote display unit which can be connected to a Coralba Giant. You can call for any of the values available in the master Coralba Giant.