No compromises since 1978
The Coralba Roads instruments have been carefully developed and tested over many years following a considerable amount of study and evaluation into the needs of today’s highway management & maintenance. For several decades Coralba have produced high quality instruments that are easy to use and install.

This consistency in quality and accuracy has made the Swedish Road Authority choose the Coralba method of measuring the friction coefficient as the standard method for winter road maintenance tenders.

The Coralba Roads instruments are used to collect accurate road data such as distances, road lengths, counts, temperatures and road friction. Their reliability has made them an indispensable part of highway inventory and inspection surveys, trip recording and speed measurements. Their popularity has been achieved through the instruments’ robustness, accuracy and versatility.

The Coralba products, with their aluminium housing, are designed to endure the rough handling and harsh environment in all year-around road maintenance. The distinct buttons and LED displays are appreciated by technical staff and highway engineers all around the world. The robustness of Coralba is not just a feeling, but it also ensures low life-cycle cost.

Highway safety engineers throughout the world choose Coralba instruments for their high accuracy. The instrument is very easy to calibrate and shows correct values to a tolerance typically better than 0.03%. The instrument measures time, distance and speed with the same high accuracy, but can also be used to measure temperature and road friction.

For the highway maintenance contractors the Coralba products are indispensable instruments thanks to their many useful processing features. They are easy to operate, enabling the user to focus on the assignment. They even switch on automatically as the vehicle starts moving. The versatility of the Coralba products means that you have all you need at your fingertips.



If you only occasionally need to measure accurate road lengths or distances, or for example only need to keep a very precise speed, then the Coralba Mini/t is perfect for you. It is built in the same way with the same reliability as the professional models. It is easy to install and use and the functions are a good balanced subset for the user with a low budget.


The Coralba Trip is the most popular Coralba instrument among road maintenance crews. It has all the functions necessary for road maintenance and management. The instrument measures distance, time, speed, quantity and temperature (optional).


The Coralba Trip/3 is the real professional work horse. It contains the same basic functions as a Coralba Trip. It also includes a lot of more sophisticated aid for the highway engineer. The three displays can be set independently of each other to show the selected functions. Two user defined remote controls may be connected. Even though the possibilities with Coralba Trip/3 are very comprehensive it is just as easy to use as a Coralba Trip.


The Coralba µ instrument has the same basic functions as the Coralba Trip as well as the features required to calculate the friction coefficient. Measuring friction is normally a time consuming and difficult task using very expensive equipment, but with the Coralba µ it can be accurately measured in a simple and safe way.


The Coralba µ/3 contains the same functions as a Coralba Trip/3. It is specially designed for winter road maintenance where the friction coefficient is displayed at the same time as other values. One possible use is to display distance, friction and temperature, which would give all the relevant information at the same time.